In this article, I will review the 9 best lead generation tools for B2B we use to automate our entire b2b lead generation process.

It has entirely changed how I do business, and I’m sure it will also do for you.

What you are about to read may be a bit technical.

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Why Automation Tools Are Essential For B2B Lead Generation

I’m going to boldly assume that you are an entrepreneur who has at least dabbled in finding new business.

If so, then you know that this is often not as easy to do as people think.

Especially after you’re network has run dry, and there’s no more new business coming in through friends & family.

You will have to find new ways of generating business at some point.

And if you’re anything like me, you prefer doing this without going to too many boring network events and hearing people pitch their boring businesses 24/7 while you pretend to be interested.

So let me give you a part of our formula, the sauce, that helps us generate thousands of leads every day with just the click of a few buttons.

1. – Cold Email Outreach Tool

This is one of my favorite tools for automatically sending cold emails.

It’s super user-friendly. Their setup wizard is great, and anyone can easily configure it.

Lemlist will allow you to personalize emails at scale.

If you do this right, the reader won’t know that your email is automated.

This will increase your open -and reply rates dramatically.

Your email doesn’t get opened on the first try? No problemo.

Just schedule a few automated follow-ups and create more business opportunities.

Being sticky with your follow-up is crucial.

I will personally follow up until the end of time on a lead until they give me a clear sign that they are not interested.

And one other neat feature: they have a free 30-day trial, where you can use all of their parts without any limits.

I believe cold email outreach is one of the cornerstones of b2b lead generation.

2. – Another Cold Email Tool

Another tremendous cold email tool, but especially their learning resources are great. 

If you want to learn about cold email outreach, then check out their site.

They have some of the top knowledge on cold emailing out there.

In terms of their functionality, they are similar to Lemlist.

We use Lemlist at the moment.

3. – Find businesses for B2B Lead Generation

D7 Leadfinder is an absolute gem.

It can give you a complete overview of specific businesses in your area.

If you also work as a freelance copywriter, like me, and want to start writing for Digital Marketing Agencies, then you can use D7 LeadFinder to find them.

In the example below is a search I’ve done to find copywriting jobs:

This netted 538 results:

And it also got me two jobs… 

Pretty insane if you tell me.

4. – Get decision-maker emails

This tool is excellent for getting decision-maker emails from a company. 

D7 Leadfinder is great for finding the actual companies and usually at least one good personal business email address. is the cherry on top for finding emails from the owners or employees of the companies we found with D7LeadFinder. will add the personal business email, the first and last name, and the exact job titles of the people that matter.

This allows you to tailor your outreach specifically to them.

Which is insanely powerful!

You can reach CEOs, Creative Directors, Marketing Managers, CTOs, COOs, and the list goes on.

And if you dial in your outreach, speak the language they speak, pinpoint the problems they have, and provide the appropriate solutions, you have a formula that rakes in business consistently.

5. – Automate your cold outreach

The bread and butter tool for automating the outreach part for social media accounts.

With, you can do many things, but the main reasons we use it are:

  1. Finding social media accounts from leads using their first, last, and company names.
  2. Automatically connecting with them on social media accounts.
  3. Staying top of mind by liking their posts and showing up in their stories.
  4. Sending them a DM after we’ve built rapport.

Usually, doing all of the above takes quite a bit of time when done manually. 

This tool is the next level in lead generation automation.

And if you do it right and use our strategies, nobody will ever know that it’s not an individual performing these actions manually.

Just one of the many high-level industry secrets that nobody is willing to share.

6. – Scrape website data for B2B lead generation

A web scraping tool that allows you to scrape data entirely on autopilot.

Gone are the days of copying/pasting data into a spreadsheet.

With, you can automate almost any data entry task.

But that’s not all. Similar to Phantombuster. They also have a bunch of other automation tools.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Scrape company names, emails, and more from online directories.
  • Scrape Amazon products, Instagram profiles, scrape Reddit, etc.

This list will go on and on if I type it all out…

There are literally THOUSANDS of automation features in their store:

So head over and check it out. You’ll be astonished.

7. – A fast & affordable web scraping tool

You probably guessed by reading the name; it’s another scraping tool.

And this one is very technical. It’s too technical for me to use. I’ve had to hire a developer for this.

I know some basic programming, but when tools need me to dive into consoles and start running a bunch of commands, you’ve lost me.

Having said that, this is one of the fastest tools out there. And it’s not just fast. It’s also very affordable. 

So when we need massive amounts of data scraping, I will have my developer run this tool, and within less than a day, we are ready to go.

8. Copy.AI – An Artificial Intelligence Copywriting Tool

Are you worried that you don’t have the writing skills to close deals online?

No worries at all, I’ve got you.

There are Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools online that can help you with many things, and one of these things is writing.

Since GPT-3 by OpenAI came out, many online applications have released tools that help writing.

Copy.AI is a competitor of Jarvis.AI (which I will be discussing after this). 

I recommend Copy.AI because the pricing is quite affordable and has a free plan (no credit card required) that you can use quite a bit.

You can use Copy.AI to help write a lot of things. 

Think emails, website content, video titles, Facebook ads, eCommerce store product descriptions, etc.

Go check it out and see what you think.

It’s pretty impressive what this tool spits out!

9. Jasper.AI – The Best A.I-based Copywriting Tool

I would say Jasper is the best AI-based copywriting tool on the market.

It has an impressive content lookback function that can read and learn from everything you’ve written in an article, so it can do its best not to replicate what it’s already said.

If you’re planning on writing long-form content, like blogs or books, I recommend investing in Jasper.

Their “Boss” plan starts at $99 a month, and they do not have a free trial. They have a money-back guarantee to try it out, and if you don’t like it, ask for a refund.

BONUS: Company Directories

Sometimes we tech-savvy entrepreneurs overlook the obvious solutions.

Company directories can be an enormous help if you’re looking for leads.

There are company directories for almost every single type of company in existence.

There is most likely a directory for marketing agencies, beauty salons, PR firms, bowling allies, real estate brokers, and whatever company you can imagine.

I’m not going to give examples of every directory out there. There are too many.

But I’ll help out a bit with a few of my favorite ones:

    • A directory with over 9 million websites listed. You can sort them by hosting provider and visitors per day. If you’re looking for eCommerce store owners, filter on Shopify, and you will get a list of every Shopify store. 
    • A directory of different types of agencies. Thousands of agencies are listed here and paid for a feature, so they’re actively spending on advertising.
    • Find real estate listings and target their brokers.

I hope these help! If you want to find directories that match your customer profile, then use good old Google.


Now, how are we feeling after this?

Amazed by all the invaluable tools shared, or a bit overloaded with having no idea how to proceed further?

Listen, I get it. Lists like these can be a bit overwhelming.

If you need help, just reach out.

Book a free 15-minute demo call with us, and we’ll describe exactly how we can use these tools to automate your b2b lead generation process.

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Kevin Sozanski got into sales in 2013 and hasn't looked back since. Doing anything sales-related makes his brain's neurons fire and brings a spark to his eyes.
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