Prospecting and closing
deals is hard…

Prospecting and closing deals is hard…

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You, my fellow human, have all the knowledge you could possibly need at your fingertips. Powered by the internet™.

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So why isn’t it that easy for you?

Well, it can be!

If you had a way to get infinite leads that you could use to build your own business or help others build theirs, you know you would be sitting on an absolute gold mine.

How I learned to get Infinite Leads from Travis

I was attending a networking event packed with highly successful 7-figure + entrepreneurs, and I got into a conversation with a person I’ll call Travis, who made a brash statement:

“For us getting leads is literally the easiest thing ever…”

I didn’t immediately understand what he meant at the time because getting quality leads had always been a pain in the ass for me.

Figuring out how to find the right companies in my niche, then finding the contact details of decision-makers, and then finding time-efficient ways to approach them has always been the biggest bottleneck for me in business.

Things I would do to get leads.

  • Buy leads from some shady lead dealer on the corners of the internet streets.
  • Complicated Paid Ad funnels testing out different campaigns, sometimes spending a buttload of money without results.
  • Spent hours, after hours, grinding, researching companies, trying to find and connect with decision-makers, usually just finding crappy generic info@ emails.
  • Create a ton of content, hoping it would get me leads through sign-ups.

All of the things I listed above are, by no stretch of the imagination, easy to do.

You know how much work it is if you’ve done these before.

So knowing this, I had to figure out why getting leads was so easy for him.

I asked Travis how he got these leads

I had to know what he knew. So I just asked him how he got these leads. Simple.

He didn’t give me a straight-up answer…

But what he did do, was give me a list of 10,000 quality leads for my niche.

Holy moly. This guy isn’t kidding!

I contacted a couple of these leads and instantly closed a new client.

I contacted a bunch more leads and closed a couple more. Within the matter of a week…


He just replied with a “Lmao. Friend, I will help you.”

Then he just simply sent me a list of things to look at.

Ready to find out what was on that list?

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Catch you on the flip side,

– Kevin Sozanski, Sales & Marketing Expert

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