Please confirm our scheduled call following the steps below.

STEP #1: Confirm the calendar invite

You have received an email from us confirming our call. Make sure to also check the SPAM folder if you can’t find it. You can also search for “Discovery Call with Kevin Sozanski” to help find it.

STEP #2: Watch our educational video

Watch our training video on how to create a steady flow of new business by using our proven tech-powered outbound sales system (without paid ads or inbound marketing).

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STEP #3: Learn more about our offer

Over on the call, we’ll be walking through our unique “pay-per-show” offer, and it’s important you familiarize yourself with the process, so we can save more time on the call.

STEP #4: Case Studies

Amplidyne added $162,300 CLTV in revenue in 58 days

Motive In Motion closed a $18,000 + 10% rev share deal